Walmart Is Not Canceling SNES Classic Pre-orders

For SNES Classic pre-orders, keep your eye on Target

Walmart reportedly cancelling SNES Classic orders; Pre-orders allegedly go live this week

Furthermore, a screenshot of a conversation with a Walmart representative seems to indicate that everyone who pre-ordered a SNES Classic during that half-hour window will have their order cancelled. However, to discourage would-be scalpers of the gaming console, pre-orders would be taken 30 days prior to the console's release. First announced last month, the unit costs $79.99 in the U.S. Apart from this, pre-orders were also opened for the European region.

It should be noted that some folks are reported that Walmart has not canceled their SNES Classic pre-order. But Target confirmed to Polygon that it will soon have the in-demand item available for buyers to lock down.

When DualShockers' Co-Founder, Joel Taveras, successfully managed to land his pre-order for the highly-anticipated SNES Classic Edition at Walmart, we knew in an instant that the scenario was too good to be true.

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As if to stoke people's anxiety, Target made a decision to tweet yesterday that it would indeed have preorders available sometime in the near future. This means interested gamers should be watchful, so as not to miss another run at the console. Expect either these to sell out immediately or the site to struggle with the oncoming onslaught of Nintendo fans eager to pre-order the new SNES Classic Mini now that EB Games and JB HiFi are no longer taking pre-orders.

Lest your forget, the NES Classic was discontinued by Nintendo in April. This prompted consumers to look for the console in other sources like eBay, where prices are steep. Also priced at $79.99, it is intriguing to see how these two will fare in the battle of retro consoles. The Atari Flashback 8 Gold, on the other hand, has more at 120 titles.

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