Google is testing auto play feature for videos on Search results page

Google is testing auto play feature for videos on Search results page

Google is testing auto play feature for videos on Search results page

Google has begun testing putting one of the most divisive features of the modern web experience, the auto-playing video, directly into search results. Mayer called this change a "fundamental shift in search" and the news was covered across all major media when it launched. At that time, when most of the search traffic was coming from desktops, the feature was quite useful and time-saving for the users. Most of the searches of Google happen on mobile devices these days.It means that instant search is finally dead.

Google Instant populates search results right as you are typing in query.

In its place, you will now see search suggestions and will be able to click on the suggestions to view the results. But on mobile Google Instant makes no sense, given that your keyboard is taking up half your screen while you're typing, and most of the rest is obscured by your fingers anyway.

Until now, Google search behaved differently on mobile and desktop devices. Searches for information about movies or TV shows pops up the video in the right-hand sidebar, which automatically plays once without ads. So long Instant Search.

Google Instant is no more.

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The feature would see videos, such as film or TV trailers, start to play automatically in the knowledge panel on the right-hand side of some search results.

While shaving a few extra seconds from searches may sound unimpressive, Meyer said a billion people use Google each week. It was hailed as a major advance in 2010, but today Google announced Instant Search is dead, and it was mobile that killed it. Google has been continuously working to make mobile searches even better and faster.

SEM Post also said the queries that yielded autoplay videos were not specifically searching for videos.

Autoplaying content falls in the same category of annoyances as popups, popunders, blinking distracting advertisement, and other elements that distract the user.

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