Russian Instagram star known for motorbike stunts killed in high-speed crash

Russian Instagram star known for motorbike stunts killed in high-speed crash

Russian Instagram star known for motorbike stunts killed in high-speed crash

A biker babe who found fame on Instagram with her saucy stunts has died in an horrific crash.

Pronina had accumulated over 180,000 followers on Instagram, where she posted pictures of herself modeling with various motorcycles and videos showing her rocketing through traffic at speeds over 150 miles per hour while wearing.well, let's call it insufficient protection for the task at hand.

An investigation is taking place to try and understand what caused the crash but a wheel was reportedly found 2,000 feet from the crash.

A friend of Pronina's was critical of her risky riding style, but remembered her as a cheerful person who helped carve a niche for women in the daredevil scene. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true.

'It was a revelation for me that a girl can ride like this. "She was a cool biker, like [Italian professional racer] Valentino Rossi".

'I personally would have never ride the way Olya (Olga) did.

Pronina had expressed her passion for bikes and deadly stunts.

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Several tribute videos have been posted on YouTube showing some of her stunts, including riding standing up and no-handed on her BMW S1000RR, the bike she often posed with.

One of her wheels had been through hundreds of meters in Monday's crash, according to Sputnik News.

"I am grateful to it for the sparkles in my eyes, for the warm wind blowing on my cheeks when my visor is open, for unbelievable excitement and a feeling of flowing in the air, for doses of adrenaline", she wrote.

It was not clear if Olga Pronina may have been filming a video at the time of her death, the Mirror noted.

Ms Pronina, who went by the pseudonym Monika9422 and talked of reaching speeds of up to 155 miles per hour, told her Instagram fans she loved the thrill of riding and that she took the risks consciously.

"She went without protective equipment".

The 40-year-old mom-of-one's Instagram account, Monika9422, has over 168,000 followers.

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