Samsung launches ultra-large 88-inch QLED TV Q9

88 Inch QLED TV

Samsung launches ultra-large 88-inch QLED TV Q9

If this TV is a tad out of your price range the same technology can be found in the Q9, Q8, and Q7, these TV's achieve peak luminance of 1,500-2,000 nits.

The ultra-large Ultra HD TV is now shipping. The Samsung Q9 TV stretches for nearly 78 inches (200 centimeters) wide and stands a little less than 66 inches (170 centimeters) tall.

Manufacturers primary intention behind the launch of this QLED TV is to fix the Samsung's top position in the global ultra-premium TV market. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi come standard, as does Samsung's Smart Hub which is powered by a quad-core processor. Like others in the Q-series, the Q9 is extremely thin, has almost no bezel, and features a "no-gap" wall mount thanks to the 1.88mm transparent optical cable.

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The Q9 TV almost has no bezels and it features a no-gap wall mount because of its 1.88mm transparent optical cable. This means that you can plug all of your accessories into this external control box and connect it to the television with a single cable, effectively eliminating cable clutter for a much cleaner installation (I've seen the box in use at a friend's house and am totally sold on the concept).

The South Korean company said its QLED produts, which applied metal coating to the quantum dot nanocrystals for what it calls "metal quantum dot" technology, will deliver vivid color with faster responses for better gaming experiences.

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