Singapore bans Chinese-American scholar as foreign agent

Singapore bans Chinese-American scholar as foreign agent

Singapore bans Chinese-American scholar as foreign agent

Huang Jing, a USA citizen who held a senior position at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, had engaged in "activities inimical to Singapore's national interests", said the city-state's Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The ruling, which also applied to Huang's wife, Shirley Yang Xiuping, means that if they leave Singapore, they will not be readmitted. This, the MHA asserted, represents subversion and represents foreign interference in domestic politics.

The country Huang is said to have represented has not been named, but Huang is a Lee Foundation professor on US-China relations.

A prominent academic from a renowned postgraduate school in Singapore holding USA citizenship was today permanently banned from the country for working with a foreign government to influence the city state's foreign policy.

"It's nonsense to identify me as "an agent of influence" for a foreign country", he told the South China Morning Post, adding, "And why didn't they identify which foreign country they're referring to?"

Yang was aware that Huang was using his position at the LKYSPP to advance the agenda of a foreign country, it added. He won the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize in 2002 for his book Factionalism in Chinese Communist Politics.

According to his profile on the school's website, Professor Huang has published extensively on subjects such as the US-China relations, Chinese elite politics, China's development strategy and foreign policy, Sino-Japanese relations and security issues in the Asia Pacific.

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Singapore said Huang gave "privileged information" to a senior member of the LKY School, so it could be passed on to the Singapore Government. He also initiated and chaired the projects on China-India-Japan's energy policies and policymaking process, Asia-EU energy security, and Asia's environmental polies. He has also appeared on Channel NewsAsia, a leading local television channel.

It did not state who this senior member is, however. He also chaired the Tibet project and frequently advised the Tibetan leaders in Exile on global affairs.

Prof Huang was a Residential Fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in 2012 and is a Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy.

Additionally, the MHA says Huang influenced a key member of the LKYSPP's leadership by providing him with certain "information" that was aimed at changing Singapore's foreign policy toward the country he was an agent for. He was Fulbright Professor (2002). The academic is now an economic analyst for Xinhua News Agency and an advisor to China Foundation for worldwide and Strategic Studies. Following the seizure, China lodged a diplomatic protest to Singapore over its military cooperation with Taiwan.

Prof Huang is appointed as a Prestigious International Scholars(海外名师)by the Shanghai Municipal Government. "Is it the USA or China?"

Prof Huang received his Ph.D.

Huang obtained his PhD in political science at Harvard University.

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