Here's why Chris Pratt & Anna Faris chose to split - nope, no cheating

Here's why Chris Pratt & Anna Faris chose to split - nope, no cheating

Here's why Chris Pratt & Anna Faris chose to split - nope, no cheating

She went on to say that there is still "a lot of hope" if Chris Pratt is still living in their family house.

Chris Pratt's movie star status reportedly had an impact on his relationship with his estranged wife Anna Faris. In fact, the actress said she feels like just because two people have chosen to break-up, it does not mean that everyone needs to share in that particular heartbreak. The actress pointed out that when one-half of the couple is filming, they could be gone for months at a time and it is the lengthy separation that really weighs on a relationship.

The Million Dollar Matchmaker star stopped by ET for a Facebook Live interview on Thursday, where she revealed her "favorite" Hollywood couple is still living together despite announcing their separation earlier this week. "I'm upset about it".

'When they're in a big group, they each want to be the one telling the funniest joke'.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are going their separate ways not because of some third party in their marriage, not because one of them did something unforgivable. they split because they each have very different views of what a family should be. "So, I'm not fixin" them up.

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'She's living in the house. you just don't really say something when they're [still] living in the house [together].

"If [Pratt]'s still in the house, there's hope", she said.

Even though reports claim the wheels are already in motion for a divorce, Patti thinks "there's hope" Chris and Anna will reconcile because there's "a lot of best friend factor there... they're very close as BFFs".

Patti Stanger added that she does not want to compel the couple to speak up, but she wanted to assure them that she is willing to offer help whenever they need it. Kristen Bell also said that they try not to have arguments, but rather they have disagreements that they sit down and address with each other. She feels that in regards to any couple breaking up, people should think more along the lines of "they tried", rather than seemingly discounting all of the years the couple was together.

He wrote: "Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating".

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