Bran's ultimate use on 'Game of Thrones': Isaac Hempstead Wright talks theories

REUTERS  Lucas Jackson Cast member Aidan Gillen arrives for the premiere of the fourth season of HBO series

REUTERS Lucas Jackson Cast member Aidan Gillen arrives for the premiere of the fourth season of HBO series"Game of Thrones in New York

In particular, Bran's tense meeting with slippery Petyr Baelish teases that time could be running out for Littlefinger.

The Independent reports "The Queen's Revenge" set fandom ablaze with an already-popular fan theory: that Arya Stark will assassinate the always-scheming courtier played by Aidan Gillen. She bonds with Sansa over the fact that the artist screwed up Ned Stark's statue and the fact that both have suffered hardships in their time away from Wintefrell.

Back in Dragonstone, Jon Snow is still trying to win Daenerys to his cause, now with the convenient assistance of an ancient cave drawn storyboard, deep in the dragonglass mines, which depicts two ancient foes united against a common enemy. There's a lot of tension in that that I think comes from just two great actors in that darker, more intimate location. "No one can protect anyone".

Luckily for Sansa, "No one" has just arrived.

While Bran's "visions" - fantastic delivery of the line by Sophie Turner about that, like a sister telling another that their brother is into fidget spinners in a big way - are an unexpected development, the show cannily pointed to Sansa and Arya's destiny's nearly from the moment we met them. While gathered under the weirwood tree, Bran hands his younger sister a dagger made of Valyrian steel and tells them Littlefinger gave it to him. And Littlefinger knows Arya overheard him.

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And this surely isn't good news for Littlefinger, who is clearly hatching another new scheme of some kind by giving Bran the dagger that was used in an assassination attempt against him back in season one.

By now, the Starks are well aware that the Lannisters are their enemies. Bran is a subject that can't be wooed in the same way that so many others have been wooed by Littlefinger, and he shows up there trying to gain an ally in Bran, and discovers that he's encountering a sort of unmovable force.

Bran: "Chaos is a ladder." . In Season 6, Bran became the Three-Eyed Raven, which basically means he can see all and knows everything that has ever happened.

Because of the unusual glance exchanged between Sansa and her incessant, murderous suitor, some fans have theorized that she will ultimately kill him as penance for the way he has manipulated her and demolished her once happy family. How did Baelish get the dagger back? Pop Sugar made a handy list of the seven people on her kill list who are still alive. Not only is there a heartbreaking connection to Arya's father, Ned Stark, but it turns out there might be a link to Arya's mother, Catelyn Stark, as well.

Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) for torturing the smallfolk at Harrenhall. Wright said he and Kristian Nairn, the Hodor actor, became fast friends, despite a habit of the younger actor's: "For numerous early years, I was just singing "SpongeBob" songs in his ear, which he didn't appreciate".

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