Facebook figured out how to "sneak" in China

Facebook figured out how to

Facebook figured out how to "sneak" in China

On Friday, August 11, The New York Times newspaper reported that Facebook had taken the unusual step of secretly developing a photo-sharing application and releasing it through a local Chinese company called Youge Internet.

To change that, Mark Zuckerberg has made a big point of meeting with Chinese politicians, reading Communist Party propaganda, studying and speaking Mandarin. The photo-sharing app is named Colorful Balloons.Facebook's interest in China because of its huge internet user population led it to create a photo-sharing application released there without the social network's brand being attached.

In a bid to explore the high-potential Chinese online market, Facebook has authorised the release of a new app here that does not carry its name. The under-the-table approach could cause Facebook new difficulties with Chinese government that has maintained strict oversight and control over foreign tech companies.

Facebook has been officially blocked in China since 2009, and parts of WhatsApp's service were recently blocked within the country's borders.

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China is the largest online market in the works.

"We have long said that we are interested in China, and are spending time understanding and learning more about the country in different ways".

However, the company's documents used for registering it, listed a room number of its office that was not found amidst several small, shabby offices on the fourth floor of the building.

It's not clear if China's internet regulators are aware of Colorful Balloons' connection to Facebook. In the photo, she was sitting beside Wang-Li Moser an executive with Facebook. For example, people who post photos from Colorful Balloons on WeChat will see a link that lets other users download Facebook's Chinese app. Apple was required to remove all its VPN apps from its China based App Store.

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