Misfire: Democratic Rep Calls Dana Loesch a Threat to National Security

Misfire: Democratic Rep Calls Dana Loesch a Threat to National Security

New York Democrat says the NRA are becoming 'domestic security threats' under Trump

When the Washington Examiner first reported on Loesch's tweets Thursday, the NRA rep again took to Twitter to clarify that she was simply making observations as a private citizen, and not commenting in the capacity of an NRA spokeswoman.

The feud between Loesch and Rice began Thursday, when the lawmaker tweeted that the NRA and its spokeswoman were becoming a threat to the country.

"He was also in possession of a controlled substance and a firearm simultaneously, which is illegal".

The tweet caught the attention of Rice, who saw the comment as a mischaracterization of NRA's inaction: "So if a white guy was shot dead during a routine stop with a legal gun & a joint in his vehicle, NRA would stay silent?" Jeronimo Yanez, the former police officer who shot Castile, told investigators that he smelled marijuana while approaching Castile's vehicle. Castile was shot and killed by a Minnesota police officer during a traffic stop after he told the officer he had a license to carry a gun.

The National Rifle Association's Dana Loesch has rhetorically fired back against a US congresswoman who accused her of being a "domestic security threat". "Honest Q", Mrs. Loesch tweeted. And yet she has harsher words for me and for NRA members than she does for MS-13. "You're the ones lying", she wrote earlier.

Dana Loesch- NRA
Dana Loesch – NRA

One user said people like Rice were a threat to freedom of speech.

The Philando Castile shooting included disturbing elements.

Called upon to defend Castile, the NRA declined, citing marijuana in Castile's possession at the time of his death. A person is guilty of a "misdemeanor" if the owner of a vehicle intentionally possesses more than 1.4 grams of marijuana "within the area of the vehicle".

Marijuana was found in Castile's auto on the day he was shot, and subsequent toxicology reports found that he also had the drug in his system when he died. However, it did issue a statement in July 2016 without naming Castile, calling the whole tragedy "troubling".

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