'SNL' Takes On LaVar Ball's Bold Claims In Hilarious 'Weekend Update' Sketch

'SNL' Takes On LaVar Ball's Bold Claims In Hilarious 'Weekend Update' Sketch

'SNL' Takes On LaVar Ball's Bold Claims In Hilarious 'Weekend Update' Sketch

After his son was drafted by the Lakers with the second overall pick, he immediately went on record saying Lonzo would take the franchise from the bottom of the Western Conference to the playoffs.

In a special Thursday night edition, "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update illuminated his extra-large persona with a stellar parody by Keenan Thompson.

"You're damn right", he said.

"I am 8'0 tall".

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"LaVar" joins Weekend Update and doubles down on his claims he can beat Michael Jordan on the court, adding he would do it with one arm tied behind his back while wearing a beekeeper's suit and Hamburger Helper gloves.

Not gonna lie, I laughed at "Super Target". I honestly do not doubt LaVar Ball would deny eating 100 turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Thompson then made predictions on how Lonzo would do in his rookie season. From promoting his baller kids to promoting his Big Baller Brand to challenging National Basketball Association legends to making prejudiced comments, Ball has made quite a name for himself. "NBA MVP, Final MVP, he's gonna win an ESPY, a Grammy and a Purple Heart and he's gonna get best truck in his class by J.D. Power and Associates", he predicted. But hey no pressure Lonzo.

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