Valve Announces Two New Dota Heroes Coming In 'Dueling Fates' Update

Valve Announces Two New Dota Heroes Coming In 'Dueling Fates' Update

Valve Announces Two New Dota Heroes Coming In 'Dueling Fates' Update

The video ends with a teaser for the "Dueling Fates" update, likely dropping shortly after The International ends, as is usual tradition. The company will capitalize on the massive popularity of "Dota 2" by creating a game based on it.

However, it might not be fair to judge Valve and Artifact just because most players were let down by the fact that the new game did not turn out to be Half-Life 3. So if you have any questions about the game then it should be answered in here. The official announcement was made during the Dota 2 global tournament.

Not much is known about the game as Valve has been very tight lipped about Valves' Artifact. According to host Sean "Day9" Plott who made the reveal, "anything you see in 'Dota, ' it's here".

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Artifact will feature similarities as other digital card games in terms of cards representing creatures and spells. "Artifact" would have the advantage of a source material with a huge fanbase, as well as a different gameplay that may prove popular to those who do not play "Dota 2". They both look entirely new and are not reminiscent of any heroes from the original Dota. Much like the game it's based on too, players in this one will control five heroes, each with various abilities and skills. There will be also be gold that can be used to buy item cards that a player can equip to a controlled hero.

Valve has not yet announced if there is going to be any beta for Valve's Artifact but, we would not be surprised if Valve holds some kind of public testing for the game before it comes out.

We get a much briefer look at the second hero. However, since Valve is making efforts to Steam better for mobile devices the game might also end up on mobile devices too.

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