Lake Mead Recreational Area holding solar eclipse viewing party

Warning to eclipse-gazers: Wear solar filter glasses, watch out for counterfeits

Solar eclipse can blind unprotected eyes. What will it do to your cell phone camera?

Monday, Aug. 21 - Join them for an eclipse viewing event.

As the moon's shadow will entirely block out the sun only for those within that narrow track, eclipse-chasers in parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and SC will have the best views of the solar corona. Cross your fingers that we get clear skies for the October 14, 2023 annular event.

Almost a century later, on August 21, a new generation of scientists are preparing to conduct another slate of experiments during the first total solar eclipse over the USA since 1979, and the first to span the continental US since 1918.

The ancient Vikings, he said, believed that giant wolves chased the sun and moon and when they caught them an eclipse happened.

It's these few minutes that are so precious - and what 10 million-plus people are traveling from all over the world to see. Having a good understanding of what to expect at the eclipse will help viewers to get the most out of this rare and exciting opportunity. If you do make the trip there, get there in plenty of time ahead of the event. He saw his first partial eclipse when he was 12, then witnessed a total solar solar eclipse at 18.

You will need eclipse glasses with solar filters if you plan to look at the solar eclipse next week.

Blair said the moon will begin to cover the sun around 1:03 p.m. The result? An eerie, silvery atmosphere. Transportation officials in Georgia warned people to make sure they have enough gasoline, especially if they're traveling to the northern part of the state, which will have a good view of the eclipse, so that no one becomes an "eclipse refugee".

You will be able to view the sun on the the second sheet of paper.

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An email with the subject line reading "Important Product Safety Notification Regarding Your Order" was sent Saturday morning regarding some eclipse glasses.

Baily's beads recede as the very last rays of sunlight create a brief "diamond ring" flash around the Moon. The peak will occur at 2:40, when 96 percent of the sun is obscured. That signals the start of Second Contact.

It's inevitable that people who would otherwise disagree about everything will gather together for the total solar eclipse - some might even weep and howl together in the shadow of the moon. The 2017 solar eclipse may be the most watched celestial event in history. Those who have seen totality say it changes you, humbles you before the cosmos. Look around you briefly, even behind you, and see how the colors differ across the sky. Mars and Mercury are also close to the eclipse, though they may be hard to see with the naked eye. "The little spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small images on the ground, showing the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse".

As the moon moves away from the sun, the entire spectacle goes into reverse. View the sun/eclipse through the second hole in the top not covered by the foil. Suddenly, the sun has returned.

Eclipse glasses are being given away at McCracken County, Graves County and Calloway County libraries, but only during eclipse-related events. If you watch from the path, there will be around two minutes of darkness while the sun is completely blocked. Because the Moon orbits in an ellipse, it can either be close or far from the Earth as it circles us.

We will hear adjectives like spectacular, awesome, breathtaking, fantastic and more describing the August 21 eclipse.

What will happen if it's cloudy?

The solar eclipse of 2017 will be vastly different form the 1918 eclipse, with about 200 million people living within a day's drive of the path of totality.

"The total solar eclipse is an exciting event, which could cause distractions for motorists", Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz said.

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