Nations start to choose sides in event of North Korea war

China's Xi urges US restraint on N. Korea

Nations start to choose sides in event of North Korea war

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump told reporters that North Korea should stop threatening the United States, otherwise Washington will answer with "fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen".

"I think China can do a lot more, yes".

Little comment from Moscow about the confrontation between the USA and North Korea.

Not to be outdone, North Korea issued its own warning, saying that if the US launches an attack, they will "immediately reduce the USA mainland into a field of nuclear war".

The United States to protect itself and maintain worldwide credibility has little choice but to make a disarming strike, at least against the two North Korean satellites, that might be nuclear-armed for EMP attack, orbiting over the USA, and against the dozen North Korean road-mobile ICBMs now deployed. China and Russian Federation should be warned, to give them one last chance to disarm North Korea. The potential conflict would expand and result in tremendous damages to the neighboring nations.

According to the official press, Xi considered in his dialog with Trump that the parties involved should avoid comments and actions that could lead to the escalation of tensions. At the same time, one should not forget that Beijing and Moscow do not favor the policy of the North Korean regime.

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According to Konstantin Asmolov, an expert at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the publication in The Global Times clearly reflects Beijing's official position. Like Beijing, Moscow is not enthusiastic about Korean unification on the South's terms, since South Korea is a close US military ally.

"The expert added that China sent a stern warning over the situation in the region".

An editorial by USA -based North Korea monitoring Web site "38 North" says US media deserves a share of blame for the recent escalation of tensions between the USA and North Korea. In return, they said, the US should halt its military exercises with South Korea.

The president of China said that this issue should be addressed through dialogue and negotiations, in order to achieve a political solution.

"Pyongyang understands that if it launches a nuclear missile this would risk provoking nuclear war". In July, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on a Chinese bank, two Chinese citizens and a shipping company for helping North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

Since years, North Korea has been surviving with the support of US' direct rival, China.

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