Pilot ejects, escapes injury as US fighter jet crash lands in Bahrain

F  A 18E fighter aircraft after emergency landing at Bahrain international airport

US F-18 fighter crash lands at Bahrain international airport

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Civil Aviation Affairs announced that a US F18 military aircraft undertook an emergency landing at the Bahrain International Airport at 12:40 pm on Saturday 12 August 2017, without resulting in any injuries or other damage.

A fighter jet has crash landed at Bahrain International Airport, disrupting flights to and from the island nation.

The driver escaped unharmed.

A fighter plane F/A 18E "has experienced a dysfunction at the level of the motor and tried to head for the military base of Sheikh Issa", said commander William Urban, a spokesman of the Fifth u.s. fleet, based in Bahrain.

The fighter had taken off from USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier on duty in the Gulf and suffered an engine malfunction and diverted to Bahrain.

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Bahrain's state-run BNA news agency reported that the runway closed to all flights for two hours on Saturday afternoon. The incident resulted in the closure of the airport runway for safety reasons for all departing and incoming aircraft.

Cmdr Urban said naval officials had begun an investigation into the crash and were trying to help the airport resume operations.

Bahrain hosts 8,000 USA troops, mostly sailors attached to a sprawling based called the Naval Support Activity. This base provides security and anti-piracy patrols for the approximately 20 U.S. and coalition naval vessels now on station in the Gulf region.

Located in between saudi Arabia and Iran, the Kingdom of Bahrain is home to a base of the Fifth u.s. fleet.

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