Anti-Racists Are Trying To Dox Charlottesville Racists And Get Them Fired

Anti-Racists Are Trying To Dox Charlottesville Racists And Get Them Fired

Anti-Racists Are Trying To Dox Charlottesville Racists And Get Them Fired

Defenders of Smith and others who have been actively exposing the men and woman at the rally argue that by entering a public space with their faces clearly visible, the demonstrators should have no expectation for privacy or anonymity. But, it's a tactic that can also snare some innocent people in its net.

Twitter user @YesYoureRacist first posted zoomed-in pictures of white nationalists gathering in Charlottesville, asking others to identify those in the photographs.

A man who attended a white supremacy rally in Virginia has been fired after his photo went viral. It's the same reason the KKK wore masks - because the majority of decent people in the world realize that unabashed bigotry is not to be celebrated. One response: sharing a photo of Turner with the words "I'm a rapist" printed in large letters.

Quinn, who works at the university's department of biomedical engineering, said he started receiving threatening emails and voicemails.

To date, it wasn't immediately clear whether Cole had publicly discussed his views and to what degree the social media group may itself be behaving as violently and willfully to the disregard of its targets it sought to publicly shame for their views.

The person behind the Twitter account spoke anonymously to BuzzFeed News, explaining that he's been working to "out" racists since 2012.

"Early on in the game, I made a decision to troll them by alternately confirming then denying that I was the person in the picture, in order to confuse the trail and distract them from the guy they were after". I had a class in college with that person.

The father of participant Jeff Tefft felt he needed to post a letter in a local newspaper disavowing his son.

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The University of Virginia Health System said 20 people were hospitalized after the vehicle plowed into the group of people protesting near a popular pedestrian mall in the college town.

Nonetheless, he says "it scares me to call that activism because it seems more like a certain condemnation and a certain judgement that ironically flies in the face of democracy itself". Do you think it's right that they are identifying men at the rally?

The News & Observer identified @YesYoureRacist as Logan Smith, a Raleigh, North Carolina, resident. Those employees were then harassed online.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe had already declared a state of emergency when the sedan surged into a crowd of what witnesses said was a peaceful counter-demonstration in the picturesque university city of Charlottesville.

That said, Twitter is "a bad information swapping service", he said, and some innocent people would inevitably get caught up in the process. People wrote nasty comments on social media sites. "They're your neighbors, they're your coworker, they're the people you pass in the grocery store".

Smith who runs the 'Yes!

"As the years have gone on the mission has kind of evolved somewhat", added Smith, whose employer is not affiliated with the Twitter account.

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