Attorney General Alan Wilson Announces Price-Gouging Law in Effect

With the possibility of Hurricane Irma impacting the state many people may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder

With the possibility of Hurricane Irma impacting the state many people may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder

"Amazon: price gouging water for Florida residents when the governor just declared a state of emergency a few days ago".

If you suspect price gouging, the Attorney General's Office recommends that you safely obtain as much information as possible in the form of estimates, invoices, receipts or bills.

People in line at Costco waiting for bottled water find out Costco ran out of water on September 5, 2017 in North Miami.

During states of emergency, Georgia state law prohibits vendors from selling essential products like gas and bottled water at artificially inflated prices during states of emergency, such as a hurricane. "I have Amazon on speed dial right now", Bondi said.

"On balance, they're a bad idea", Randy Holcombe, an economics professor at Florida State University, said back in 2004, after three storms hit Florida. "I think a storm that is going to come and sit around is going to create more of a problem for consumers".

Consumers have branded retailers on Amazon as "scum" after severely raising the price of bottled water on the site where it is reported a case of 24 single bottles of water reached as high as $100 (£76).

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"Your tap!" said Davis. Fill up bottles, jugs, everything you have in the house.

Items that aren't essential, like cigarettes and alcohol, aren't subject to price gouging rules.

State law also criminalizes the sale of goods and services to the public without possession of an occupational license.

Violators of the law can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor.

After hurricane Matthew hit SC in 2016, hundreds of price-gouging complaints were registered at the attorney general's office such as a $4,999 Harleyville hotel room, a $33 case of bottled water in West Ashley and a $7 gallon of gas from a Dillon convenience store, the Island Packet newspaper reported.

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