US Demands N. Korean Oil Embargo, Asset Freeze on Kim Jong

Kim Jong Un and Dennis rodman

Kim Jong Un and Dennis rodmanMore

A US proposal for new United Nations sanctions against North Korea would clamp an embargo on its oil and textile trade and slap a full asset freeze and world-wide travel ban on leader Kim Jong Un and key regime members and institutions, according to a draft of the proposal. According to Reuters, it is unclear if China supports the new United Nations resolution; as a permanent member of the security council, the country has veto power.

The draft resolution would ban textiles, which were North Korea's second-biggest export after coal and other minerals in 2016, totaling $752 million, according to data from the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

"The oil embargo is something that China, in particular, would very much oppose to", she said.

Top of the list for new sanctions on North Korea after its sixth nuclear test is an oil embargo, which analysts say would cripple the wider economy but might do little to curb its weapons programs.

If adopted, the resolution would significantly escalate political and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang as it continues to defy United Nations resolutions with its nuclear and ballistic-missile tests.

But the move may face opposition from other members.

The new sanctions resolution was created to cripple the heart of the regime, from Mr. Kim to the military and key ministries, in an effort to use diplomacy to halt the country's accelerating nuclear-weapons program.

The text "decides that all member states shall not provide work authorizations" for the workers unless the United Nations sanctions committee on North Korea determines on a case-by-case basis that the employment is needed for humanitarian assistance, denuclearization or any other reason related to the implementation of past Security Council resolutions.

The South Korean presidential spokesman quoted Putin as saying that Russian Federation was concerned a block of fuel oil supplies would hurt civilians -- including hospitals.

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U.S. pushing to cut off oil to North Korea with United Nations resolution
Putin said earlier Wednesday that "we should not give in to emotions and push Pyongyang into a corner". It would also prohibit North Korea from being part of any joint ventures or cooperative agreements.

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It reportedly shook buildings in China and Russian Federation.

Putin stressed the need for a political solution, saying further sanctions and pressure would not solve the problem. I've always said I'm not a politician, at all. He says he will return to North Korea, and that he hopes he can help "everyone to get along together".

The diplomatic push could not disguise mounting tension, underscored by China conducting air force drills to defend its east coast "against nuclear and biological weapons".

The Security Council last month imposed new sanctions over North Korea's two long-range missile launches in July.

That and a litany of other tests appear aimed at marrying missile and nuclear technology in a way that could put the United States within striking distance.

And Dennis insists their friendship has nothing to do with politics, as he's an "ambassador for sports", and thinks the rocky relations between North Korea and the USA should be dealt with by President Trump.

Trump spoke with Xi of China, the country seen as having the most influence on its unruly neighbor and key to getting any sanctions regime to stick.

'President Xi would like to do something. He doesn't want to see what's happening there, either.

But Lord Hague refuted United States president Donald Trump's claims that "talking is not the answer", and said the East and West should work together to defuse the threat.

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