Facebook is now testing a Tinder-like feature

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Facebook To Launch Tinder Style Meetup Feature Khánh Vũ Bùi Flickr CC Cropped by Lucas Nolan8 Sep 20170 8 Sep 2017 8 Sep 2017

If this new feature runs well with the select users, then it will get a wider release soon.

The feature lets user connect with their friends by sending them a request on messenger.

Reporting for Motherboard, Jacob Dubé says that he noticed a new feature that seemed like it was setting him up with some of his friends. "He claims that while he was using Facebook, a notification popped up saying "[Name redacted] and 15 others may want to meet up with you this week". You can then send them a request to "connect", the receiver will then have the option to either respond with a Yes or a No Thank you.

Users living in Toronto and New Zealand have been given the chance to try out this new function. So, this is not like the actual Tinder feature, but somehow it will work like that. "So, we're running a very small test in the Facebook app to make that easier". We believe that Facebook is better with current Friends of Friends and " People you may know" suggestions. Tinder, which is a famous online dating website, also runs on a similar feature.

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Facebook wants to show you more of what you have in common with potential new friends and make sure you don't forget about your old ones either. Once you tap on the button recommending you to "get to know [name's] friends, it will show new friends connections". Some may recall the "meet-ups" feature from a couple of years back that would let friends know if you were nearby and might be down to join up for some shenanigans. It's also taking on YouTube when it recently launched its own dedicated page for watching original video content. Of course if this takes off we could see Facebook add a service like Tinder Gold to monetize it.

This feature is only available in Canada at the moment, because that's a country that actually exists even when you're not threatening to move there when *insert political party here that you hate* wins an election.

Focusing on friendly encounters, the feature prompts messages like - "Would you like to meet up with (name) this week?"

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