George Clooney says he sends racy texts to President Obama

George Clooney is dropping all his thoughts about Steve Bannon at the Toronto International Film Festival

George Clooney is dropping all his thoughts about Steve Bannon at the Toronto International Film

And we were a team from right off the bat.

"I was sitting down at a restaurant in NY [several years ago] and he came in and we talked for a while".

He said: "It changes you in every way that every person who's fallen madly in love changes". Suddenly, the other person's life becomes more important than your own. That's not unique to us; that's [unique to] all people who are lucky enough to find the ideal partner.

"I'm sorry I was 50-something when it happened, but only because I could have spent even more time with her". Just to make us feel better? Lucky in my career. Currently, Amal Clooney is representing thousands of Yazidi refugees as well as launching an International Criminal Court investigation against ISIS for their crimes against Yazidis. Beg him to come back? "We had agreed with Amal that we will not allow any job to put us under risk", George Clooney said.

Call of Duty is Helping UK Army Veterans Find Long-Term Work
The UK expansion will see the Endowment partner with select UK charities, with the list to be revealed in the coming months. The funds raised in the United States have totalled over $25 million, so it is an incredibly successful scheme so far.

Sierra Vista firm gets contract for part of border wall construction
The Center for Biological Diversity said Wednesday that it is amending an April lawsuit against construction of the wall projects. Construction of the prototypes will be paid for using a $20 million wall fund that was already in the fiscal 2017 budget.

Cancer fundraiser Connie Johnson dies
In February 2016, Samuel announced his retirement from acting in order to help focus on Connie's fundraising efforts. The charity, which boasts around 456,000 Facebook followers, has raised over $4 million for cancer research to date.

"The first thing you think is, 'I hope I don't screw this up, '" Clooney said of fatherhood. I had a playlist with my Rosemary songs on it and I was waiting for this song, 'Why Shouldn't I?' 'Why shouldn't I take a chance when romance passes by? "And it played, and she's like, 'Holy s**t!'" "But I do think you always have to participate, in your town and your country and the world", Clooney said.

George then faced an agonising "20 minute" wait for Amal to say yes.

"We didn't plan on it". "I'm 39, I already had them quite late", she added. "It would seem self-centred to just have that belong to us." .

But everyone wondered one thing - would they do the classic celebrity thing and give their twins unconventional names (like Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter "Apple" or Ryan Reynolds' daughter "James"), or would they choose traditional names for their children? - Reuters picThe film, descrbed as "a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices", was directed by George Clooney from a script he wrote with Grant Heslov and Joel & Ethan Coen and is slated for release on October 27, 2017.

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