Monster Hunter Stories - 'Day in the Life of a Rider' Trailer

Monster Hunter Stories - 'Day in the Life of a Rider' Trailer

Monster Hunter Stories - 'Day in the Life of a Rider' Trailer

The video shows the gameplay mechanics and how is the battle system.

However, this doesn't really mean that there isn't anything for series veterans. It also allows for multiplayer game via Street Pass. It was released next year for Japan. The trailer below gives us an overview of that gameplay, in the process also giving us a lot of footage for the game as well.

Maybe not the most clear-cut Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Stories isn't totally about hunting and killing monsters. Instead, players are now tasked to hatch the monster's eggs and raise the creatures to become their companions.

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The game offers free DLC content consisting on tournament types and rules, trials that reward players with new Monstie eggs and gear, and differen backgrounds for the Rider Card.

Nintendo has released a demo for Monster Hunter Stories, for the Nintendo 3DS, on the Nintendo eShop. Previous games never really dove into the back story or the development of any of its characters and only focused mainly on the hunt and the creation of better weapons and armor.

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