Google has updated its Dashboard platform to make it more user friendly

Google Dashboard Redesigns to Get Improved Privacy Controls

Google has updated its Dashboard platform to make it more user friendly

The other two key improvements had to do with understanding which Google products collect what data, and downloading that data as well.

Google Dashboard is getting a facelift, making it easier to use on mobile and more effective at managing account data, according to a Friday blog post.

It's no secret that Google collects data on its users, and Google becoming ever more transparent about the exact data it collects.

Google notes that the company remains committed to helping users control their privacy and security; which is evident by the number of tools developed since 2009.

My Activity, which began in 2016, lets users quickly find which YouTube video they watched a few months ago, or which search string led them to a specific story online.

Google even gives users the ability to opt-out of sharing certain data, as long as it's not critical to using the service.

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The update doesn't by any means change the way Google follows you around the internet, but it does make it a whole lot easier to see everything the company knows about you.

"The Dashboard brings together this data in one, easy-to-manage format, giving you an unprecedented level of visibility and control over that data".

Google has announced an update to Dashboard, which should make it easier for you to see everything the company knows about you.

The Google Dashboard brings together the host of popular services now offered by Google, and displays them in a simpler fashion.

Google Dashboard is home to My Activity, which contains so much information about you that it requires its own search bar and filter options for navigation purposes.

Users will be able to easily download their data through the Takeout feature, which will be more prominent from now on.

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