Outlander May Have Just Settled A Huge Time Travel Question

Outlander Season 3 Promo With Footage From New Episodes

Outlander May Have Just Settled A Huge Time Travel Question

"I like the way it was built into this sort of hallucinatory sequence of Jamie remembering fragments of the battle, it's buried in there", Menzies told Brit + Co and a group of reporters at the 2017 TCA summer press tour. Licuria agrees, adding that the show "often goes to a really melodramatic place, but for this, it didn't necessarily do that and we love to hate Black Jack, and he's gone". She can't even connect with Frank, whose resemblance to Black Jack is undoubtedly a trigger. He asks the reverend to look into Claire's story, specifically the identity of this "Jamie" from hundreds of years ago. I hope that you'll indulge me in undertaking some research regarding an 18th-century Highlander who fought in the Battle of Culloden. But finally, she decides that she will go back to Jaime. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) has traveled back to her 1948 life, pregnant with Jamie's child. There's a hole missing because they've lost the loves their lives. "That storyline was pretty much informed by bits and pieces of backstory and events that were referred to in different areas of different books so it wasn't really [created] from wholecloth so much it was all collated and put into this particular section".

"We wanted the option, you know what I mean?" said executive producer Maril Davis when we asked her about Black Jack's possible survival.

"We said at the outset this is the dissolution of a marriage, each of them is going to try at the beginning - they are trying from very different positions - and each of them is going to try to make it work", Moore says. "That's it, we're all just moving on". So I think that's actually what makes Claire's story with Frank so interesting, because it's like there's a ghost in the room, and then also for Jamie, he's like a walking ghost himself, because it's nearly like he's missing an arm or leg, because he doesn't have the person who makes him whole. In the next scene, Claire is in the throes of labor, the letter all but forgotten.

I find myself in need of your assistance once more. If the lives she saved were those of people meant to die in the 18th century, she was altering the future in some huge ways.

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"I think Claire, as hard as it was, did make a promise to Frank to shut the door on Jamie in the past".

"The audience knows that Jamie didn't die, but Claire doesn't". New to America and nearly full term in her pregnancy, Claire is trying her best to adjust to her new life. "I think part of Claire's DNA is that she's a survivor, and that she gets on with it". "By the end of that episode I think Claire is really like, 'I'm going to try and make this work'".

Another jarring shift takes us back to Scotland, where things go from bad to worse for Jamie as he sits in a shack, unable to move, when the British come in and announce their plans to shoot everyone in an hour's time.

Television's one of the most anticipated time-travelling period dramas is set to come back with its third season, Outlander.

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