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In disasters' wake, climate-change deniers just protecting their pockets

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Just recently, Americans came face to face with the dangers posed by climate change. Pruitt has said that he is going to review the report, and it hasn't been seen since.

The same is true for blaming man-made climate change for Harvey and Irma. "It's a situation where these multiple cyclones had very high impacts, which brings a lot of attention to these types of events".

On Sunday night the CBS program "60 Minutes" aired a segment about a group of scientists in the Arctic struggling with melting ice that has caused them to relocate their base site.

As of September 11, Hurricane Jose is a Category 2 hurricane northeast of Turks and Caicos. There were seven hurricanes, four of them major, through September 13, 2005, while 2017 has had six hurricanes and three major hurricanes through the same point.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about the current state of weather and how human activity might be affecting it? We were outliers, basically. The awful destruction of today's hurricanes does resemble those of much earlier years.

The sub-headline of the Nation piece declared that Hurricane Harvey victims "have a murderer - and it's not the storm". We also are already in the projected range for major hurricanes.

A major hurricane is one ranked as a Category 3 or higher, meaning it has a maximum wind speed of at least 111 miles per hour.

It's expected to grow into a Category 4 hurricane - with wind speeds of 130-156mph - on Tuesday. This only intensified over the weekend with the landfall of Hurricane Irma. He said that after our country got hit by two Atlantic Category 4 hurricanes in the same year for the first time since records have been kept - storms made more destructive by rising ocean levels and warmer ocean waters.

Warmer waters and low wind shear play directly in to the development of tropical cyclones, and waters and wind in the Atlantic have been very conducive to the formation of storms like Harvey, Irma and Jose, according to the NOAA.

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Hurricane Irma has been upgraded for the second time Thursday and is now at Category 3 strength as it continues its voyage westward over the Atlantic Ocean.

"It did occur in the past, in 2010", said Zeng, referring to Hurricanes Igor, Julia and Karl. "Given the increase in natural disasters and the severity of them, more and more people will care".

Of those four 1998 hurricanes - Ivan, Jeanne, Karl and Lisa - only Jeanne brushed land, in the Cape Verde Islands, while the others remained over water. It is also quite possible that things will look different if there is an identifiable increase in the severity and frequency of extreme weather. From 2010-2016, major hurricanes and tropical storms are blamed for more than 280 deaths and $100 billion in damages, according to data from the federal National Centers for Environmental Information. That's been fairly weak, which is good for hurricanes.

On Aug. 30, Hurricane Irma developed off the west coast of Africa from a tropical wave. It has happened before.

Even the US military is pushing forward on plans to harden naval bases against sea-level rise and prepare Arctic outposts for melting permafrost. That is what we have seen so far in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

A 2015 study predicted the Arab Gulf could suffer summer heat that would surpass "human habitability", as heat and humidity climb so high that even healthy people cannot spend more than a few hours outside air conditioned areas. Whether future hurricanes will remain over water or threaten the USA coast again is an unknown variable. He pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord earlier this year and has repeatedly said that environmental regulations are against the interests of the working people.

"We don't do this for poll numbers - we do this because the future of the planet is at stake", Deutch said in a brief interview on Wednesday, addressing the polling decrease among registered Democrats. "We have done well in the past".

But here is what the scientists reply, if I might paraphrase in a colloquial way: We are trained in atmospheric and oceanic sciences.

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