D.Va's new Heroes of the Storm skin is awesome

Ana, Junkrat, and a giant two-player robot are coming to Heroes of the Storm

A whole lot more Overwatch is getting injected into Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat will join Blizzard's crossover-heavy MOBA Heroes of the Storm (HotS) in an upcoming update, bringing the series' representative total to seven characters.

The new skin, D.Va the Destroyer, removes the Overwatch heroes' standard mech and gives her a Deathwing-inspired mech to ride around in.

Blizzard has not announced a release date for Ana and Junkrat's HotS debut, although there will be a public test region on September 18.

The new map that will be added in HotS is called Volskaya Foundry and it's basically a RTS rendition of Overwatch's Volskaya Industries map.

The new map will be the second Overwatch location to make it into the game after the recent addition of Japanese map Hanamura.

Volskaya Foundry will be a three-lane map that features three control points, similar to the map objectives from Overwatch.

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Once a team successfully takes over all three control points, a giant robot will be unlocked. Both structures and other heroes are vulnerable to the mech's attacks. Heroes of the Storm is now free to play until September 19.

Volskaya Foundry also introduces conveyor belts to Heroes of the Storm, which will either speed up the movement of players when going in the right direction or make it near impossible to move for those going the wrong way.

On the one-lane Battleground Volskaya Village, giant robots run amok.

Although Ana and Junkrat were announced together, Blizzard has previewed Ana more than Junkrat.

Blizzard hasn't yet detailed when all this new content will drop.

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