Sign language interpreter accused of signing gibberish during Irma conference

Manatee County issues storm-related debris disposal guidelines

An On-Air Interpreter Has Been Accused Of Signing Gibberish During Hurricane Irma

"I was totally shocked", he told us.

After failing to get an expert to communicate the evacuation and safety advice, they instead asked county employee Marshall Greene, who works as a lifeguard for the marine rescue unit and who has a deaf brother.

While residents of Manatee County, Florida, waited for information about evacuation plans and shelters on September 8, a man in a yellow polo and red shorts, standing alongside emergency management officials, was instead signing about pizza, dogs, cats, bears, and monsters.

She told WFLA: 'It was horribly unnerving for me.

It's a press conference no one will ever forget.

"I kinda panicked for a minute, then I just knew I had to provide a transcript of what was being said for the hearing impaired", he said.

A sign language interpreter has been accused of being a phony after taking the stage during a Hurricane Irma news conference.

"I knew something went horribly wrong", she said.

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He added that Mr Greene was making obvious mistakes when interpreting, such as wearing a bright yellow top rather than black which would have made his hands more visible.

County leaders have faced the brunt of the criticism for failing to organise an interpreter despite days of weather warnings.

In the end, the deaf community maintains that the county is the one to blame for this fiasco, knowing that asking someone who isn't certified in the highest levels of sign language communication should not be required to convey emergency information during a press conference of this nature.

Local officials told WFLA they were "in a pinch" when they drafted Marshall Greene to translate for them.

McCarthy was alarmed when she saw the briefing and said her company usually provides deaf interpreters to the county.

Greene's family said he was simply asked to help out during a hard time.

The deaf community is demanding an apology from the county for the blunder, according to WFLA.

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