There's A Fourth Powerpuff Girl And She's Making Some People Unhappy

Cartoon Network Introduces New Powerpuff Girl

There's A Fourth Powerpuff Girl And She's Making Some People Unhappy

Bliss is emotionally unstable and can easily lose control of her feelings and powers, potentially causing destruction around her.

Unlike the other members, Bliss has blue hair, a light purple dress, and is thought to be a black Powerpuff Girl, though her race was never explicitly implied in the series.

In the end, it was Bliss' "dangerous" ability that proved her to be an indispensable member of the Utonium family (as well as a brief accessory to Him's evil plan, but I'm willing to forget that if you are).

The new "Powerpuff Girls" series, which started last 2016, has performed decently but had an uphill struggle to endear itself to fans of the original 90s show.

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Cartoon Network has cast three different women-of-colour to voice Bliss across the North American, African and Australian/New Zealand markets, Entertainment Weekly reports. All you have to do is search "Powerpuff Girls" on to see the long list of items that you can buy that feature the popular trio, including cosplay and Halloween items. Although judging from the "Power of Four" special, Bliss should actually be designated as Powerpuff number Zero, being the first attempt by the Girls' creator/father figure, Professor Utonium, in his experiment to create life with his "sugar, spice and everything nice" formula. We would LOVE to see a Mojo-Bliss reunion in the future. After all, this is the first time a fourth Powerpuff Girl has been officially added to the squad. Now a teenager, she's returned to Townsville to be reunited with her family.

Having finally learned how to channel her destructive power to use her telekinesis more effectively, Bliss flies off into space to rearrange some planets that have been knocked out of their orbits, and that's pretty much it. Pictures in 2002. The show originally aired from 1998 to 2005. Does that make up for the show's general lack of speaking roles for characters of color in the past?

The reboot's also made a big deal of buffing out the girls' personalities and trying to stretch their identities beyond the old school sweetheart/nerd/tomboy formulation.

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