Iran defies United States, tests new missile

Trump told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that Iran was building its missile capability and accused it of exporting violence to Yemen Syria and other parts of the Middle East

Iran defies United States, tests new missile

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the nuclear deal signed between Tehran and major world powers including Washington in 2015, saying that he believes Iran is violating the agreement, which restricted Iran's nuclear activities in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.

Trump tweeted Saturday about the public unveiling of the missile: "Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel".

On Saturday, September 23, Iran's state-run broadcaster announced that they had tested a new ballistic missile that is reportedly capable of carrying multiple warheads.

Iran's defense minister said Saturday that Khorramshahr is an strategic missile and is a symbol of Iranian scientists' capability, official IRNA news agency reported.

Adding Tehran did not require permission from any country to do so.

Separately, in July 2017, Iran formally opened the Imam Khomeini Space Center near Semnan with the launch of a Simorgh space launch vehicle, which the United States and other critics say is simply a cover for work on an intercontinental ballistic missile.

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Previous Iranian missile launches have triggered United States sanctions and accusations that they violate the spirit of the 2015 N-deal between Tehran, major powers.

Iran and North Korea have cooperated on military technology in the past. The other signatories to the deal - Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the European Union - have all pushed for it to continue.

But Trump has said before that Iran is not complying with the "spirit" of the agreement, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said Iran is "clearly in default of the expectations" of the deal. That makes them only medium-range but still sufficient to reach Israel or USA bases in the Gulf.

Called the Khorramshahr missile, the weapon has a range of 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) and can carry multiple warheads, according to Press TV. "As long as Iranians were barred from entering the US, USA citizens would be barred from entering Iran; as soon as the US lifts the ban, as it was forced to do at the end of February, Iran would respond in kind".

Video of the test launch aired on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) on Friday.

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