London mayor: Like Islamic State, Trump fueling 'clash of civilizations'

"And you are inadvertently playing their game, you are helping them", he said.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has described Donald Trump as "ignorant" about Muslims and called for a controversial state visit planned for next year to be cancelled.

Speaking to the Guardian's editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, Khan praised the contribution American Muslims had made to the country, including as students, artists and politicians.

Khan said Trump's travel ban gave the "wrong impression" of Islam and was meant to sow distrust between Muslims and non-Muslims. "There are some people who want to divide our communities - I'm not going to let them".

"I think in that event we would have to have a very serious discussion about how we take that forward".

He also spoke about Labour's performance in the June general election, when the party secured 40% of the vote and stripped Theresa May of her parliamentary majority.

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Khan said that it was "possible" that the Labour manifesto would offer a referendum for voters to choose between a leaving deal - or staying in the EU. He thanked Mr. Starmer for attempting to provide clear red water between Labour and Eurosceptic Tories, adding he understands the former lawyer does not have an easy job pleasing all wings of the Labour Party.

While reiterating that boosting trade between the United Kingdom and India is a vital part of that relationship, he said deeper city-to-city partnerships could help with tackling a whole range of issues, including air pollution, traffic congestion and increased strain on public services. "He wasn't doing it to triangulate".

When asked about his running feud with Trump, Khan suggested that the President's knowledge of the Islamic faith was limited to what he sees in the media, and that his rhetoric was similar to that used by ISIS to stoke anger and division.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell weighed into the Brexit debate unfolding in Labour, saying that his party could be in favour of a "changed Single Market" with reforms to the free movement of people.

On housing, he called for a sea change in the attitude of central government as he argued that some properties that local residents could afford were being bought up from overseas and left empty.

Khan said he was a "reluctant participant" in the feud.

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