Las Vegas massacre: stricter controls do not follow mass shootings

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gives out details on the mass shooting in on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gives out details on the mass shooting in on the Las Vegas Strip

National Shooting Sports Foundation which hosts the "SHOT Show" said they would not be discussing any questions relating to Sunday's massacre, including a venue change for the January 23-26 show, which is being held about four miles away from where Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and injured hundreds more using an array of high-powered assault rifles.

The western US state of Nevada where Las Vegas is located is an epitome of the gun-ridden country.

So far this year, over 46,595 incidents of gun violence happened in the United States, killing at least 11,652 people and injuring more than 23,500, according to the archive. It is just one of the 521 mass shootings that have occurred this year alone.

Second, the people killed in mass shootings are different from the majority of homicides.

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Furthermore, to understand and prevent gun violence, we can't view it through the narrow lens of mass shootings, which account for a small fraction of USA gun deaths. On the other hand, the idea that more "good guys with guns" will make people safer is also a statistically proven falsehood, according to a Stanford University study that concluded, "States with right-to-carry concealed handgun laws experience increases in violent crime". From these three tragedies alone, 140 people have died and hundreds have been injured.

As a result, even modest gun safety legislation is hard to pass Congress. However, like they always do after every shooting, Senate Democrats are designing a legislature that will control gun violence.

The situation may only change for the better when enough mass shootings impact directly on the family or friends of gun advocates. The latest mass shooting doesn't dramatically alter the dynamics of the partisan battle as politicization of gun control continues to spread in society.

Excluding a complete (i.e., unlikely) removal of guns from the US, not one or 10 changes will protect all of these people. In the world's most developed country, it is the innocent people who pay the highest price for outdated gun ownership.

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