Apple is working with LG Display on a foldable iPhone for 2020

Jony Ive: The iPhone X marks

Apple reportedly partnering with LG for folding iPhone

That's a fair question, especially considering that Samsung is supplying the OLED panels for the iPhone X. Apparently, Apple's decision to go with LG Display over Samsung is driven by a desire to keep the phone's specifications from Samsung Electronics, the parent company of Samsung Display. While LG Display has been a long time partner for the iPhone brand, now Samsung Display is the only company making OLED displays on a large scale. These foldable displays will be OLED screens but the element of flexibility would be the distinguishing factor this time. These circuit boards have been termed as RFPCB.

So, in order to keep those leaks from Samsung Electronics, Apple will apparently have to settle for a later launch.

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Samsung has been making waves in news media outlets owing to continuous speculation around the launch of the foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy X. LG reportedly completed its first such prototype two to three years ago and has been improving the durability and yield rate ever since. Samsung now holds a near monopoly over OLED production. In that sphere, LG has been making moves and has the potential to get ahead, which could be why Apple may be looking to tap LG's services for a future smartphone product. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Samsung is charging Apple way more for each OLED unit.

Earlier, there were reports that since Apple has a vested interested in flexible OLEDs, it will be investing $2.6B in supporting LGs new plant. Now with the rumors that Apple is also interested in the same space, it is speculated that Samsung and LG will increase their pace and might come up with a foldable and flexible screen device quite soon. Foldable smartphone concepts have been around for some time now, but no manufacturer has released one just yet.

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