Drunken NFL fan sets self ablaze following Cowboys loss to Packers

A man in Vero Beach burns himself after setting his losing jersey on fire

A man in Vero Beach burns himself after setting his losing jersey on fire

He was severely burned Sunday in a Facebook Live video gone wrong where he tried to wear a flaming Dallas Cowboys jersey after the Packers won Sunday's game.

A 27-year-old Vero Beach man lit his Dallas Cowboys jersey on fire Sunday after losing a bet to his wife - but he set the shirt alight while he was still wearing it, Sebastian Daily reported.

Police spoke to the couple at the hospital who admitted they'd burn the jersey of the losing team.

A man in Florida is recovering in a hospital after taking a bet with his wife way too far during the Dallas Cowboy's loss to the Green Bay Packers.

For some reason, a Florida couple decided to make a Packers-Cowboys bet that involved burning the losing team's jersey. However, the man made a decision to wear the jersey as it was burning.

"I don't believe we've ever had a case where someone set another person's jersey on fire as a result of a sporting bet", Raulen said.

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The Packers, Hook's team, beat the Cowboys, Silyers' team, 35-31.

The deputy reported seeing second-degree burns to Silyers' back and third-degree burns to his right arm.

When the woman's team won, her husband went outside to light his jersey on fire.

His family members ripped the burning shirt off him before transporting the man, who was not identified, to the Indian River Medical Center.

Salyers told sheriff's deputies 'he then grabbed the jersey with his right arm and attempted to put it on while it was on fire'.

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