It's Vikas Gupta Vs Hina Khan This Time

Bigg Boss 11 Day 8 updates Hina Khan Vikas Gupta nominated Padosis enter house

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In Tuesday's episode, Shilpa again irritated Vikas, and in a fit of rage he threw an egg on the kitchen floor and refused to clean it up. This can also be Hina's strategy to survive longer in the house.

She decides to do it when Hiten asks her to not do it. Sapna gives Arshi a leg massage any way and Arshi leaves after some time.

The task was to build walls using red and blue bricks.

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta can't go through a day without crossing each other paths on Bigg Boss 11. She ultimately does the task and gets emotional. Further Hina goes on to say that she repents siding with Vikas. The sevaks went all out to help their respective queens win the task. The rest of the contestants, too, appeared heavily frustrated with these fights which have now become a daily cause of disturbance in the house. Yesterday's episode saw the second elimination and Hina, Vikas, Sapna, Sshivani, and Jyoti are nominated this week.

As per India Today, one of the doors which connects the house to the main exit was left open.

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# Hiten is the Raja & Shilpa Shinde & Arshi Khan are the Queens. The arguement blew out of proportion in no time and Vikas locked himself up in the bathroom where he could be heard crying. He was then called into the confession room and where he apologised for his mistake.

# The contestants intervene as the fight gets a lot more intense!

The contestants performed their task with diligence and the day ended with Bandgi and Puneesh getting comfortable, yet again. Vikas and Hina's casual conversation triggered into a war of words and she told him that it was wrong of her to fight for him. The producer defended himself by saying that it's his choice whether to share the information or not. Hina Khan tries to clear the mess created by Vikas but Puneesh and Hiten insist that Vikas will have to do so as he is at fault and has misbehaved.

# Hina Khan & Vikas Gupta get into an argument!

# The contestants wake up to the groovy tunes of "Nazre mili". Sapna Choudhary looks at Lucinda and wonders how she was born looking so pale. Will the inmates believe her story?

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