NRA in U-turn on support for deadly gun control

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NRA in U-turn on support for deadly gun control

Sadly, if the deaths of 20 six- and seven-year old children, together with six adults, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were not enough to bring about a change in gun regulation, it seems unrealistic to expect the Las Vegas shootings to restore sanity and humanity to the issue.

Since 1995, there have been 20 mass firearm incidents that were named "deadliest US mass shooting", according to CNN. It took the SWAT team more than an hour to breach his room.The images from Las Vegas are sickening.

Mass shootings have become routine. Despite their tragedy, they are cliche. Americans help each other out when disaster strikes because that's just who we are. Nevertheless, if we do not make a change, how do we know it is not going to work? But on October 2, CNN reported that long-term trends tracked by Gallup show support for gun control rises after mass shootings, then fades as the incidents become more distant.

A research by Politifact, a USA fact-checking website, produced yet another chilling statistics indicating that, between 1968 and 2011, the U.S. recorded 1.4 million firearms deaths, a number much higher than the country had recorded in all the wars it had fought from Independence to the Operation Desert Storm in Iraq in 1991. Something more than a no-brainer bump stock ban that all politicians can support without alienating their base of voters. We won't pretend to have the answers, but there must be some explanation as to why these incidents are far more common here than anywhere else.

At this point, to live without guns would be inhuman. An amendment to a 1996 spending bill, the Dickey Amendment, makes it almost impossible for the CDC to research the matter without risking its own funding.

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A culture of unbridled access to firearms is fast turning the United States, ordinarily identified with some level of sanity and civility, into a society marred by gun violence and posing serious threats to human life.

- The the country that owns the most guns: More than half of the total number worldwide, despite having only 5% of the world's population. Nevada tried to rectify this earlier this year, but failed because they asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do the job and the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn't have the money to do it. What's the tangible difference? Stricter laws or bans face such an enormous amount of opposition, the odds of such legislations passing are poor. "They don't want you to say things that would upset country music listeners".

Gun control advocates might seek the wide definitions when making arguments, but critics say disregarding circumstances of a shooting makes any figures easy to attack. And why do you struggle to pass universal background checks, considering most gun owners support them, including 74 percent of NRA members?

But this argument misses the fact that any restrictions in Chicago are made null by the fact that you can just hop across the border to in and buy your guns there. So it's true, what good are local gun laws when the only possible solution, if it turns out to be a solution, is a federal one? Companies are responsible for the safety of their workers in the same way that the government is responsible for the safety of its citizens. The power of the boycott, if wielded correctly, can be a powerful one.

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