Pakistan offered U.S. joint operation against Haqqani network

The official would not elaborate on whether the representatives of the Taliban would join the gathering.

Sources from the Taliban said the group had yet to receive an invitation, adding that the general plan in the leadership was to skip the meeting.

The quadrilateral group comprises of Afghanistan, the United States, China and Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning here that the present government is focusing all its energies on utilizing the country's important geographic location as it is located at the confluence of four regions and its foreign policy aims at cultivating and nurturing ties with other countries on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual interest.

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US President Donald Trump has urged Afghanistan to close the Taliban's office in Qatar.

The QGC has been trying over the past years to facilitate direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Mr Trump sees it as a failed project of Barack Obama, the report said. The two countries, along with Bahrain and Egypt, are boycotting Doha over its links to terror groups. Last week, foreign minister Khawaja Asif told Voice of America the "quadrilateral arrangement will again be in operation" in Muscat in October. Efforts stalled in 2015 when news broke out that Taliban's founder and long-time leader Mullah Omar had died in 2013. But instead of setting own house in order and pulling up its forces, Washington bosses are constantly blaming Pakistan for not doing much rather than acknowledging the huge sacrifices made by Islamabad in the war against terror and achieving good results as well.

While talking about his meetings with U.S. authorities, the minister said that the United States agrees with Pakistan's reservations over India's involvement in Afghanistan and with recommendation to seek political solution to Afghanistan troubles.

"Until now we have not been invited, but even if we received an invitation, our senior members have decided not to participate in the meeting", said one of the Taliban leaders.

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