And the most popular Halloween candy in Georgia and SC is…

Map shows most popular Halloween candy by state

Map shows most popular Halloween candy by state

In Georgia, that means stocking up on fish-Swedish Fish, the most popular Halloween candy in the state for at least the second consecutive year.

According to, M&M's is the favorite candy of North Carolina. NY was the only state to buy more Sour Patch Kids than IL, with 200,008 pounds sold. M&M's overtook Reese's Cups for the top spot. According to the newest report, the top three favorite sweets in IN are Hot Tamales, Snickers and Starburst.

We share our Sour Patch Kids cravings with the folks in MA, who also have it listed as their favorite candy.

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In second and third place were Hershey Kisses and Hot Tamales.

The website looked at the last ten years worth of sales data, and most specifically the months surrounding Halloween.

Are you surprised, like I am, to discover Alabama's is candy corn?

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