European Union stops natural gas sales to North Korea

European Union stops natural gas sales to North Korea

European Union stops natural gas sales to North Korea

The email then told recipients to be aware of emergency sirens and to follow instructions on "sheltering in place".

In addition, European Union member states will not provide new work authorizations for DPRK nationals to enter and work in their territories, "as they are suspected of generating revenue which is used to support the country's illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs", said the council.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks over North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programs as Pyongyang has test-fired several missiles and conducted what it said was a test explosion of a hydrogen bomb as it advances toward its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the us mainland. Due to the "recent regional military threats", the countries who are on the radar of potential nuclear or missile attack are planning for a complete response when the need arises.

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North Korea has repeatedly threatened to strike the US mainland, even vowing to strike the USA territory of Guam with four medium-range ballistic missiles in August, though Pyongyang later backed away from the brink.

"The Council (of the EU) further strengthened its sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by transposing the sectoral sanctions imposed by UNSC Resolution 2375", the council said in a statement released Tuesday. That missile reached a height of 480 miles and flew 2,300 miles out - putting it in range of Guam. A diagram on the wall showed a bomb mounting inside a cone, appearing to indicate scientists were working to mount the device on a missile. On Monday, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said the army "must stand ready" in the face of continued provocations by the North Korean regime.

Meisenzahl said he takes "full responsibility" for the subject line, which he called "absolutely regrettable and a mistake".

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