McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Promotion Goes Wrong

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Harmon went on to pick at the art of the Szechuan sauce promotion, implying that McDonald's also tried to imitate the show's art style, supposedly to rake in more fans of "Rick and Morty". Hopefully this time around, the fast food chain will be better prepared for the massive demand, and Rick & Morty's fans will be able to conduct themselves with a little more grace over a packet of promotional fast food dipping sauce.

The outrage was acknowledged by McDonald's, and the fast-food giant has since promised to make amends.

After fans of the breakout Adult Swim hit show "Rick and Morty" flocked to McDonald's locations across the nation to get ahold of the Szechuan sauce discussed in the series, one diehard fan traded his auto for a single packet of the sauce. This resulted in disaster, as stores were in no way prepared for the demand for the Szeuchuan Sauce, resulting in stores running out nearly instantly and being met with hordes of angry fans.

You can read the entire statement in the tweet above, but the part that will really get fans, both of Rick and Morty and the sauce itself, excited is the last part. Looking for a way to promote their new chicken tenders, McDonald's announced an extremely limited, one-day return of the sauce for this past Saturday.

Szechuan Sauce is coming back once again this winter.

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McDonald's apologized Sunday, emphasizing that the sauce was "super limited".

However, eager Rick and Morty fans found it almost impossible to get a packet of Szechuan Sauce.

According to Richard Adams, a former McDonald's franchisee, "There were some stores that just had 20 packets". Many fans reported long lines only to find out that stores that were supposed to have received the sauce never did or, in some cases, only had posters.

Now, containers of the sauce are for sale on eBay for hundreds of dollars for a single, wee packet.

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