Watch Princess Nokia destroy a racist dude on the subway

Princess Nokia said on Wednesday she was the woman that threw the soup at a subway racist

Princess Nokia said on Wednesday she was the woman that threw the soup at a subway racist

The New York City rapper has revealed herself to be the courageous straphanger who lobbed her cup of soup at a belligerent man aboard an L train and slapped him as he went on a racist tirade.

Princess Nokia, a 25-year-old New York-born musician and club founder, has confirmed on Twitter that she threw hot soup on the man and kicked him on Saturday (local time), after he slapped her and called her a "n**ger".

Speaking on the event, Destiny Frasqueri AKA Princess Nokia took to Twitter saying: "this bigot called a group of teenage boys "niggers" on the train so I stood up and slapped him". Lawson can be seen and heard on camera claiming his rationale for unleashing a stream of slurs at black passengers on the train is that he is an New York University Law graduate with rights to the First Amendment.

Frasqueri said that it takes a lot of risks to stand up to racist and bigots.

HuffPost has reached out to Princess Nokia and will update this story accordingly. "When I slapped him he called me a [n-word], and when I did all my brothers on the train came to my side and held my hand and comforted me".

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In the video, you see soup tossed at the guy as he's lying on the ground in an attempt to get up and get his cell phone. Passengers confront the man and the train comes to a stop.

The man - who was clutching an open can of Lime-A-Rita - was eventually forced out of the carriage by Nokia and a few other passengers, but not before she cocked her elbow and hurled some soup straight at the man's face.

"Say it again. This man is a racist".

After the incident, Lawson, in a now-deleted Facebook post, ranted that he was the victim of a "liberal mob".

Since talking about the incident online, Frasqueri has received support from long-time fans and others who applauded her action against bigotry. He said he used the word to "mak [e] a point" and that he feels "bad" but he's "not that sorry". He later said he is seeking help after that "unfortunate video".

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