Download and Try Out the Pixel 2's Custom Launcher and Camera App

Google unbundles Android battery app and pushes it to the Play Store

Google is integrating Duo video calling into Android apps

The tech giant wants to make video calling an integrated part of a users' phone.

Jan Jedrzejowicz, Product Manager, Phone app of Google Duo. You can now start a video call directly from where you call or text message your friends, through your Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. Google is now in the midst of cooperating with operators and manufacturers to make video calling a reality on a wide range of Android devices over time. It sounds a bit complicated at the moment, but could become clearer as time goes on.

Google's brand new Pixel 2 also came with a new version of Pixel Launcher and if anyone of you was hoping to get their hands on that kind of UX, your prayers have been answered.

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For now, it appears only Google's devices support the feature, but Google says it is working with carrier partners and Android OEMs to bring the integrated video experience to more devices in future.

The app itself is fairly simple, but nonetheless impressive and useful. So, be on the lookout if you are not already using one of those phones mentioned here. You can now make video calls within the Duo app.

This updated Camera app should include Motion Photo, which is a short clip of what happens moments before and after you press the shutter button. The latest app to receive the Google Assistant feature is Hulu for Android TV. If you have a Nexus 5 or newer device, however, you'll be able to grab it. If they have, users can make video calls from these apps to their contacts who also use Google Duo. This doesn't look to good to me considering the fact that users will be made to go through a long process just to make video calls.

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