Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico


T-Mobile Will Limit LTE Roaming in Canada and Mexico to 5GB starting November 12

T-Mobile is taking back one of its perks for travelers: large amounts of LTE data when roaming in Canada and Mexico.

According to T-Mobile less than one percent use more than 5 GB of data on their trips overseas.

Starting on November 12th, T-Mobile is altering its "Mobile without Borders" program for all customers on One, Simple Choice, and other legacy plans with roaming.

The change from unlimited LTE in Mexico and Canada to 5GB/month is not a fun one.
Starting on 12 November, the LTE speed will drop to 256Kbps for Oneplus users and 128Kbps for other users after the daily limit has been reached.

The carrier explained that it is making this change "in order to prevent usage beyond the intent of the product" - that is, it intended customers to have access to the high-speed data they needed while in Canada and Mexico, but apparently didn't want them using too much of it...too much in this case being defined as 5GB.

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Note that you can get unlimited LTE in Mexico and Canada by adding One Plus International to your account, but at $25 a month, that option isn't exactly cheap.

T-Mobile has made this change which will only affect one percent of the people traveling to Mexico and Canada.

The mobile carrier has announced that you can now call anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico and you will not be charged any extra, the calls will be part of your plan. Get off a plane in Puerto Vallarta, Poughkeepsie or Prince Edward, and you'll have the same outstanding Un-carrier experience. If you're still on a plan with Data Stash, that's not usable in Canada and Mexico anymore.

The reason for this downgrade in data availability, according to Engadget, is that T-Mobile needs to pay heavy roaming costs in these countries. The company is trying to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product" with the new 4G LTE limit.

While 5GB might suffice for a short trip, it is definitely not enough for long trips. Many hostels and hotels also provide free Wi-Fi.

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