The Settlers Of Catan movie adaptation in development

'Settlers of Catan' Movie Adaptation in the Works at Sony (EXCLUSIVE)

Sony to adapt Settlers of Catan for the big screen

The game board representing the island is composed of hexagonal tiles (hexes) of different land types which are laid out randomly at the beginning of each game. While game fans are waiting for its upcoming #Movie Adaptation, it was also learned that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were among the high-profile fans of the game.

As it turns out, Sony is now planning a movie based on the massively popular board game, Settlers of Catan. Personally I think most of the fun is in the gameplay and not really the world, but if they can make a full-length movie about emojis, someone will probably pull out something decent with Settlers of Catan. Sony is fast-tracking the project and has already booked Daniel Lin (It, The Lego Movie), Jonathan Eirich, and Gail Katz (The Perfect Storm), as producers. Meanwhile, Blaise Hemingway will be drafting the screenplay.

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We're excited to be working with Sony to bring the iconic world of Catan to life. It was released 22 years ago but remains one of the most popular and successful board games. Designed by Klaus Teuber and first sold in 1995, The Settlers Of Catan, as Wikipedia succinctly puts it, sees "players in the game represent settlers establishing colonies". While not as universal as other, less good board games (Monopoly stinks, y'all), a lot of people all over the world are familiar with this game. The game is based on the fictional island of Catan, and the goal is to dominate as much of the land as possible by building settlements and roads based on your available resources. The Settlers of Catan also boasts millions of rabid players, an active online community, and you can also play the game online here.

No official release date has been announced for Settlers of Catan.

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