Ninth Planet in our Solar System does exist, believes NASA

Ученые обнаружили следы новой планеты Солнечной системы

Astronomers told the world about the results of their research

The existence of a ninth planet has always been a matter of great speculation and debate amongst astrophysicists.

Earlier this month, NASA finally lent some credibility to this idea in a press release explaining how explaining how a ninth planet is now the best explanation for several odd phenomena in the solar system.

For those not in the know, astronomers believe that there is an alien world that exists in our solar system, one that could be four times the size of Earth and ten times its mass. They believe that this planet is 20 times further away from the Sun than Neptune.

Nasa says it is likely mysterious Planet Nine DOES exist.

Starting previous year, it's been suggested by some astronomers that a large, undiscovered planet could be orbiting at the far end of our solar system, subtly throwing off other planets' orbits without otherwise being detected. He stated that if this theory does not sound believable, then people would have to come up with the answers of the five pieces of evidence which could lead to further confusion.

[VIDEO] He also said that these objects have the elliptical orbit, pointing in the same direction, Daily Mail wrote.

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It is being said that the objects are tilted 30 degrees downward compared to the plane where the eight official planets circle the sun.

Batygin and his co-author, Caltech astronomer Mike Brown, described the first three breadcrumbs on Planet Nine's trail in a January 2016 paper, published in the Astronomical Journal.

An article by Elizabeth Bailey of Caltech University states that the ninth planet might have caused tilts in the orbitals of the known eight solar planets. "It turns out that Planet Nine provides a natural avenue for their generation". They also had 30-degrees tilt in their orbitals while the now known eight solar planets travelled in the same plane around the sun.

Batygin said that the ninth planet would make the entire plane of our solar system unstable in future.

What remains is to find the planet itself, NASA says. Researchers also made use of computer simulations of the solar system including the Planet Nine and to demonstrate that there should be more objects tilted a whopping 90 degrees to solar plane. The new research paper offers the most detailed prediction of Planet Nine's orbit.

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