Street Fighter 5's Final Season 2 DLC Character Is Zeku

Street Fighter 5's Final Season 2 DLC Character Is Zeku

Street Fighter 5's Final Season 2 DLC Character Is Zeku

Street Fighter 5's next, and last character for this season of DLC, is Zeku.

As the 38th successor of the Bushinryu School, he's a veteran combatant and a seasoned ninja warrior who helped forge Guy into the competent fighter he is today. Those who have played Street Fighter Alpha 2 will remember this particular character, Zeku used to be Guy's teacher who taught him Bushinryu, a style of ninjutsu. Eventually, Guy defeated Zeku in order to obtain the title of 39th Master of Bushin.

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Zeku will be available for purchase beginning October 24. Zeku then disappeared and was never seen again ... until now! He's looking to start his own ninja group with new fighters. And as some players have pointed out, Zeku also seems to swap outfits on the fly during combos potentially tying his fashion sense directly into his fighting mechanics. Most importantly though, he'll have a Strider Hiryu costume available that looks even better than what the actual character has on in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. It's included in the season pass for those who have already picked one up for $30. For those not familiar with the character, he first made his appearance years ago in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

As for the season 3 DLC, there's still no word on a solid release date.

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