Xbox One just got a major update which includes a faster dashboard

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Microsoft Details The Xbox One Fall Update, Available Today

The Xbox UI has changed dramatically since the console first shipped with a Windows 8 based GUI way back in 2012, with its side to side navigation.

The Xbox One Fall Update is now rolling out.

The original Xbox One Home Screen from 2012 - remember Snap? And each time, it's a bit disappointing when we realize that its claims don't quite match our expectations. Among other new features being added, a revamp of the Xbox One's home screen is one of the biggest new things on the docket. This is similar, but not exactly the same as the Pins, which have also gotten some tweaks. Add your favorite games, friends, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and more directly to your Home screen with a new concept that we call blocks. Regular pinned games and apps are still there, too, with up to 40 pins.

Speaking of the Guide (which is what you get when you press the Xbox button, and not the OneGuide which is where you see TV listings) it has also received some attention. Xbox's Larry Hryb detailed the Fall Update in the video below, demonstrating many of its changes. I've not had a chance to test it out yet, but checking around with some of the Xbox Insiders does indicate that the performance is good. Players can bring the Guide up while they're in a party or even while they're streaming, and they can set it to open to the broadcast or party section by default during these times. You can thumb through horizontal tabs in an easier, more manageable Guide that now quickly shows you when friends are playing the same game and displays information about tournaments that you might be interested in. Multiple categories were initially displayed vertically, but this update will now feature each section horizontally through multiple tabs, which should make finding selections such as the settings, chat, or achievements easier.

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There's several other nice cosmetic changes coming as well. Microsoft has also adjusted the screen-dimming feature to help preventing image burn-in. The update also brings a redesigned Game Hub Welcome tab, which now includes content summaries about each game on a single page. When games are climbing from 50 GB to over 100 GB per game, this should save a significant amount of time.

Microsoft has been making improvements to make the Xbox One experience a lot smoother, and easier to navigate. Still, the feature will be welcomed. GameDVR will now capture up to 4K screenshots and game clips on Xbox One X. And you can capture content directly to an external hard drive.

If your bandwidth supports a 1080p broadcast, we will upgrade it automatically for your Xbox One family of devices. If you are looking forward to the launch of the Xbox One X, there are also new options to help you transfer and copy over games in bulk to your new console so you can begin gaming as fast as possible. The dashboard can also be personalized by choosing from the high-contrast, light or dark themes in Settings.

Upon opening the Guide, players will now be greeted by a "Home" tab, which houses shortcuts to your most recently played titles, alongside "My Games & Apps", Pins and the Microsoft Store.

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