Team Obama's stunning cover-up of Russian crimes

The FBI was investigating a plot involving Russian kickbacks and bribes before the Obama administration gave a green light to a Moscow-controlled company gaining control of USA uranium production, it was reported Tuesday.

The evidence was first gathered in 2009 and 2010 but Department of Justice officials waited until 2014 to bring any charges.

The Hill reported yesterday that the Obama Department of Justice was aware of corruption by the Russian government in energy deals with the USA and did nothing to stop it.

However, Russian nuclear officials were actively involved in a racketeering scheme with an American uranium trucking company, resulting in kickbacks to Russian officials. "The fact that Rosatom subsidiaries in the United States were under criminal investigation as a result of a US intelligence operation apparently around the time CFIUS approved the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction raises questions about whether that information factored into CFIUS' decision to approve the transaction".

In 2010 and 2011, former President Barack Obama's administration made two significant deals that aided Russia's nuclear ambitions. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions, ' a person who worked the case told the paper.

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But in 2010, the Obama administration allowed Rosatom to move forward with the purchase of Canadian mining company Uranium One, effectively giving Moscow control of more than 20 per cent of America's uranium supply.

A US investigator who worked on the case told The Hill "legitimate national security concerns" were never publicly aired until it was too late to prevent the deals from going through. That deal gave Russian Federation control of one-fifth of the United States' uranium. Before, the subsidiary could only sell reprocessed uranium from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons.

The decision sparked controversy years later, following a 2015 bombshell report: The New York Times found Moscow had paid millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation at the same time the USA was pondering the Rosatom deal. Rather than hyperventilate over Facebook ads and Twitter trolls, perhaps Congress and the current Department of Justice should look into what the Federal Bureau of Investigation found in 2009-10, how much of it benefited Bill and Hillary Clinton - and why the DoJ and the Obama administration never briefed the intelligence committees on this Russian collusion operation.

Spokespeople for Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and the DOJ did not return The Hill's requests for comment. Unbeknownst to them, however, they were playing along with a Russian bribery scheme involving kickbacks, extortion and racketeering. Some FBI agents merely stated they didn't know whether the congressional committee had ever been alerted to the Russian operatives' wrongdoing. Even the assistant Federal Bureau of Investigation director in charge of criminal cases was not made aware of the trial despite the criminal charges.

He added: "The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking".

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