'Pay with Google' makes online payments faster and hassle-free, here's how

Google's payment service is meant to help retailers and app developers simplify transaction processing in a way that speeds up checkout times and avoids abandoned shopping carts.

How does Pay by Google work?

In a bid to ease the checkout process while making payments through mobiles, US-based tech MNC Google announced the launch of "Pay with Google", a new payment method encompassing all saved payment methods under a single window payment, thus enabling app developers and retailers implement the same using basic lines of code.

Bhat added that the Google Payment API was created to speed up the online checkout process, enabling purchases to be made with "a few quick clicks". Google announced a new way of payment via your Android phone.

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How is it different from Android Pay or Google Tez?

The service is compatible with any card, including the ones already being used for Google's own services like YouTube, Chrome and Android Pay.

The main goal of "Pay with Google" is to make checkout speedier for mobile users and increase conversation for retailers.

We've also partnered with an array of payment providers to make integration even simpler. All you have to do is tap the card that you want to use and Google sends this information along with your shipping details to the merchant, who will handle the rest of the transaction - meaning that you won't have to re-enter your card details or shipping address every time you make an online payment using 'Pay with Google'. As of now, the service will be made available across the USA and United Kingdom as well as Brazil for transactions form Airbnb, Deliveroo, Instacart, Kayak, HotelTonight, iFood and much more. The API is open for developers to integrate to their own merchant websites and services and considering that countries like India already have similar payment systems set up with the arrival of UPI, Google will have to find a way to make worldwide transactions possible as well and eliminate the cumbersome steps involved while using services like PayPal and other similar payment vendors. The feature lets consumers use any card or mobile pay option they have on file. Pali Bhat, vice president of product management of payments, said in the blog post that Pay with Google aims to help shoppers reduce the frustration of making payments, including filling out several forms or having a session time-out in the middle of checking out.

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