Tony Romo Tried to Roast Deion Sanders, Deion Clapped Back

A video tribute to Tony Romo played before Sunday's game Romo's first as a broadcaster at AT&T Stadium

A video tribute to Tony Romo played before Sunday's game Romo's first as a broadcaster at AT&T Stadium

Deion Sanders and Tony Romo both spent much (or in Romo's case all) of their careers playing for the same franchise - at different times of course - but now as CBS employees, Sanders took offense to comments Romo made Sunday while on a broadcast.

It started when Romo, the Cowboys quarterback turned CBS broadcaster, said while calling the Chiefs-Cowboys game that Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters is not a good tackler. And bye. Tony, leave me alone, man.

So let's break this one down.

"You're 2-4 in the playoffs, you ain't won nothing". Without your gentle trash talk, I never would have been able to see a Royals catcher get a Primetime crotch to the head. Dak (Prescott) says hi. How many interceptions-19 in 2012?

However, in fairness to Romo, Sanders got to the Hall of Fame because of his skills in coverage and his dynamic athleticism as a return man and sometimes as a wide receiver. "You ain't won nothing!"

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BTW, we got Deion out a couple days ago and asked him about people (Romo) ribbing him about his tackling.

As if roasting Romo on television wasn't enough, Sanders dug the knife in deeper via Twitter. "[Sanders] used to call [tackles] business decisions", Aikman said when Joe Buck asked about Sanders' tackling. Tony, come on, man. You know you never won the big one, so stop, leave me alone. Come on, man, you threw to everyone but me.

Deion Sanders admittedly doesn't know the address for the high road.

It appears Romo just learned one of the important lessons of broadcasting: Don't come after Prime Time.

That led to a harsh response from Sanders later in the day on NFL Network.

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