'Pokemon Go' creators developing Harry Potter augmented-reality app in 2018

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'Pokemon Go' creators developing Harry Potter augmented-reality app in 2018

Pokémon Go is coming back next year - with a twist that's going to make it even bigger. Niantic will also need to bring all the augmented reality ideas it used in its previous games to the Harry Potter franchise in a way that connects with players.

The makers of the popular Pokemon Go app, Niantic, are teaming up with Warner Brothers to create an augmented-reality game for Harry Potter fans. That's why it's such big news that the company has announced the hit game's successor.

When we first covered the game's reveal reports stated that it would be similar to Pokemon Go and Ingress in that it would require players to explore the real world using their phone's Global Positioning System via location-based events and challenges. With Harry Potter: "Wizards Unite, players that have been dreaming of becoming real life Wizards will finally get the chance to experience J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World", reads a post on Niantic Labs' website.

In addition, users expect to meet magic characters and magical creatures, and they have to learn spells.

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We probably won't find out anything else about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite until the first part of next year at the earliest.

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise will have a long list of features that they want to see in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The AR game is now officially on its way, but aside from the above information, details are scarce.

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