Lotus Exige Cup 430 goes for the special edition flagship status

Lotus Exige Cup 430

Lotus Exige Cup 430

The Exige Cup 430 is an evolution of the Cup 380, a vehicle we found so much fun to drive that we really wished it could come to America, if only as a strictly track-bound offering.

Just when we thought Lotus has pretty much squeezed all the performance it could from the Exige, this comes out. As a result, the Exige Cup 430 is 6.8kg lighter than any other in the range and has a power-to-weight ratio of 401bhp per tonne. After launching the updated Elise Cup 260 last month, Lotus has revealed the new Exige Cup 430. In the role of transmission stands 6-band "mechanics". The capacity of the unit increased from 380 to 430 horsepower, and maximum torque reaches 440 Nm. On paper, it isn't the fastest road-going Lotus available, but in practice, it might be.

Aero bits include a new front splitter, louvers over the wheel arches, rear diffuser, air intake, and carbon fiber rear wing that help the Cup 430 UE generate 485 lbs of downforce.

Since we're talking about Lotus, weight reduction plays a major part on the Cup 430, with the vehicle tipping the scales at just 1,056 kg (2,328 lb) in its lightest configuration.

Handling-wise, the Exige Cup 430 has things covered thanks to tricks such as a revised steering arm geometry, new Nitron three-way adjustable dampers, and Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars.

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There's more, too. The Nitron dampers are now three-way adjustable - rebound, low-speed compression, high-speed compression; the clutch has been upgraded to deal with the extra power; and the Cup 430 also uses "some of the largest calipers and rotors of any Lotus road auto".

Stopping power comes courtesy of four-piston AP Racing brake calipers and new performance two-piece, J-hook brake discs.

"This is the vehicle that we have always wanted to build, and I am sure that all Lotus enthusiasts will be delighted with the end product", said Jean-Marc Gales, CEO, Group Lotus plc.

The latest "new" Lotus to arrive is the Exige Cup 430, which gets the 430bhp Toyota V6 from the Evora to deliver the most hardcore Exige yet.

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