Venus and Jupiter conjunction to be visible in dawn sky

For those watching from the UK, Venus will rise at 5:56 am and Jupiter can be seen at 5:58 am. On the far right, above the horizon, is our Moon, in a waxing crescent phase.

Venus and Jupiter will appear together in the sky before sunrise.

The astronomical event also occurred in 2016 and 2015.

The two planets, which are about 416 million miles apart in the solar system, are due to rise within 0.3 degrees of each other and will "snuggle" close to each other in the morning.

Observers will have to have an uninterrupted view to the south-east as the planets will be very low in the sky.

As seen past year, the two planets will appear like a giant, bright ball of glob.

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The conjunction will be slightly more hard to watch in the United States, because sunrise comes earlier than in Britain.

Stargazers in the Ireland will get over an hour of viewing time before light from the sun hides the planets and a clear horizon, preferably on top of a hill or balcony is being reccomended as an ideal spot to watch the passing.

However, while it might look like worlds are about to collide, Venus and Jupiter will in reality be hundreds of millions of miles apart.

Venus is known as the brightest planet and it always follows up as the second one and will be "snuggling "with Jupiter". The planets will stay visible for about an hour until sunrise at 7:15 a.m. local time. The sun rises at 6:19am, so you'll want to be out by 5am.

"The orbit of Venus is tipped just 3.4° with respect to Earth's, Jupiter even less at 1.3°". That is smaller than the diameter of the moon according to Earth Sky.

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